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Loqbox Spend is an interest-free credit account that grows your credit score just by using it

Credit scores can be confusing, so if you’re looking to make a positive difference to your score — leave it to Loqbox. Boosting credit scores is what we’re all about!

The quick and easy way to boost your credit score is with Loqbox Spend’s three-part plan:

1. Regular reporting

Get started with Loqbox Spend today and make your membership payments count! Watch your credit score boost as we report the regular payments to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

2. Low credit utilisation

Loqbox Spend also gives you a larger amount of credit (without any hard checks or hassle). This means lenders will see you have more access to credit, but you aren’t using much of it (and pssst, they like that!)

3. Sit back and relax

Our members have reported on average that their scores boosted by 125 points within the first six months of using Loqbox Spend. By keeping up with your weekly £2.50 payments, you’ll be on our quickest path towards an improved credit score.
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Reasons to boost your credit score quickly

Once you have money on your mind, it’s hard to stop focusing on it. And planning ahead for the big things in life matters to us all, especially now that the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be over in the UK.

So whether you’re looking to make a house-shaped purchase, want the keys to a shiny new car, or are saving your pennies to start a family — having a good history of credit counts!

If you have little or no credit history, and can see yourself needing a mortgage, credit card or loan in the future, make a start at boosting your credit score now.

Not sure what your credit score is? Read on for how to find out.

How long does it usually take to improve your credit score?

It’s no secret that improving your credit history takes time (they don’t call it a history for nothing).

You might find yourself asking ‘How can I increase my credit score in the fastest possible way?’

But although there isn’t an overnight fix, there are quick and simple ways to give your credit score a boost — and using Loqbox Spend is one of them.

Making positive changes to your score will still require your patience. This is because you can expect the UK’s three CRAs (credit reference agencies) Experian, Equifax and TransUnion to take around 30 days to show changes to your reports — sometimes longer, if say, your phone bill provider is slow to update them.

You can get a free peek at your credit scores without harming them by using these companies:

- ClearScore* (uses Equifax data)
- Credit Club (uses Experian data)
- Credit Karma (uses TransUnion data)

But while you wait diligently (and well done you for being so zen about it), you can feel good knowing you’ll have done all you can to have boosted your credit score. Good things come to those who wait.

*Just for transparency, if you decide to sign up to ClearScore using the link above, Loqbox will receive a small commission.
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How can you boost your credit score instantly?

If you’ve already started to furiously google “how to improve my credit score fast”, let us take you through some quick and straightforward steps to get your credit score boosting upwards.

We often want the quickest solution. While there’s no way to boost your credit score overnight (you’ll still need to exercise patience over the next month or two). These tips will get you on the right road to boosting your credit score as fast as possible.

Quickest ways to boost your credit score:

✔ Amend any errors

Your information should match across the three credit reference agencies. So check your reports and let Experian, Equifax or TransUnion know if something isn’t correct.

Register to vote

It doesn’t matter if you actually vote or not. Being registered on the electoral roll helps the CRAs to find your current address. You can also opt out of the ‘open register’ if you don’t want snail mail marketing hitting your letterbox.

✔ Remove any previous financial connections

Credit scores can be co-scored with another person. E.g. an ex or old housemate you had a joint account with. But if that person is a little…unreliable when it comes to their finances, they could negatively affect your credit score! If you go your separate ways, ask the CRAs for a notice of disassociation to de-link you.

✔ Get started with Loqbox Spend

On average, our members see their credit score boost by 125 points in the first six months. Loqbox Spend is quick and easy to set up, and you’ll be on your way to an improved credit score in no time. Here's how it works.

✔ Keep your debts low, but the amount of credit you could borrow high

Lenders like to see a low credit utilisation (i.e. spending only a little of your available limit on your credit card). Loqbox Spend can help with this too — when you set this up you’ll get a new interest-free credit account. Just make your regular membership payments and Loqbox will take care of boosting your credit score.

Things that take a little longer (but still help to boost your credit score):

We know you want to increase your credit score in the fastest possible way, but here are some simple things you can do to raise it up over a longer period of time.

✔ Always pay on time

Missed payments, defaults and CCJs (county court judgments) can leave an ugly mark on your credit file for six years. If this has happened, but you had a good reason, you can raise a notice of correction to give an explanation to a bank or lender in the future.

✔ Pay more than your credit card's minimum payment

Paying off your credit card in full is the ultimate goal to avoid paying interest. Although we know it’s not always possible when life gets in the way. If you can, aiming to make extra payments on top of your minimum payment is good for building your credit history and getting out of debt at the same time.

✔ Is your name on the bills?

If you don’t have much credit history, try to put yourself as the named bill payer on some of your shared household bills. By paying on time every month, you’ll build a good history of credit which improves your score.

If you’re not able to be the bill payer, having Loqbox Spend can help you get a credit score boost and build your credit history instead, just by making your regular weekly £2.50 membership payments.

✔ Spread out your credit applications

‘Soft checks’ don’t leave a mark on your credit file, but you may see a ‘hard check’ negatively affect your credit score. So ideally aim for no more than one hard credit check every six months.

It’s good to know that it’s quite normal to see your score rise and fall. And each time you ask for a new line of credit (i.e. get a new credit card or take out a loan) you’ll likely see a dip in your score until the lender starts to see you regularly paying them back.

Boost your credit score with Loqbox Spend

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