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No credit check needed

Available to all to start saving and building credit

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Build credit with the 3 CRAs

We work with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion

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Grow your savings along the way

Build a savings pot and get better rates on borrowing

The simple way LOQBOX can save you £1,000s on borrowing

1. Save

Choose how much you want to save in a year. We lock away a 0% APR loan for that amount in your LOQBOX. Like a digital piggy bank.

2. Grow

Make your savings payments each month to hit your savings goal, we report these to the major Credit Reference Agencies, growing your credit score as you go.

3. Unlock

Once your loan is repaid, you release every penny into a new bank account for free. Or into an existing account for £30 (free after 26 weeks of membership).

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Build my credit score

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You choose how to unlock your savings


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Unlock your savings into a new bank account with one of our trusted partners. They pay us, keeping LOQBOX free for you.

  • You get a free new UK bank account
  • New account setup takes as little as 5 minutes
  • Unlock your savings any time
  • Pay nothing to unlock
  • You’ll typically get your money one working day after you give us your new account details


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Unlock your savings into any account you choose. You pay £30.

  • Put your savings in an existing bank account
  • No new account setup
  • Unlock your savings any time
  • Pay £30 to unlock
  • You’ll typically get your money one working day after you give us your chosen account details